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Repair & Restoration

     Often times, stained glass windows have been up for years without much maintenance performed on them. As such, normal wear and tear can develop, or in some cases, there can be broken pieces of glass and/or buckles and bulges in the window.
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     That said, owners will not have to worry about replacing a stained glass window they cherish if they call Ernest Saltzer & Son. We can perform the structural repairs or the restorations needed to ensure your window will continue to gleam for years to come.
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     From touch over painting tasks, to replacing glass that has been oxidized over time, we will determine what the best course of action is to restore your stained glass window. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.
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Whether you’re looking for stained glass window design, stained glass window repair, or storm glass installation in PA, Ernest Saltzer & Son can help.